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Our experts are supported by a huge network of contributors based in virtually every country of the world. Currently numbering 650, our contributors report on recent economic and political events, comment on the business environment and legislative changes, and give their views on political, economic and social trends.

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  • Less than half of students aged 18-25 believe their education is providing them with the skills they need. Only a third of executives are satisfied…
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  • A new Economist Intelligence Unit report, commissioned by Abu Dhabi investment company Waha Capital, evaluates the current quality of healthcare in the United Arab Emirates…
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  • In the next ten years, companies in Asia will focus more on opening new factories and offices in South-East Asia and less on China, according…
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Surprise impeachment vote against #Madagascar PM appears to be about self-protection as much as political principle. http://t.co/cVk7WpmDR0

Since the #food price shocks of 2007-08 more commitment has been made to agricultural & infrastructure investment. http://t.co/mtUheGyS4J

#Japan and #Switzerland have longer life expectancy and better patient outcomes than the UK. http://t.co/Ny6myCsprw
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