The Economist Intelligence Unit has one of the largest and most experienced country and industry analysis teams in the world. Our 100 full-time country experts and economists, based in offices around the world, have a thorough grounding in economics, politics, risk and industry. Most have lived and worked in the region they cover; many are fluent in local languages; and three out of four have advanced degrees. To ensure that this expertise remains fresh and up to date, each country analyst focuses on two or three countries, and visits them regularly.

Our experts are supported by a huge network of contributors based in virtually every country of the world. Currently numbering 650, our contributors report on recent economic and political events, comment on the business environment and legislative changes, and give their views on political, economic and social trends.

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  • Two-in-three executives surveyed say on-demand experience will differentiate successful companies 58% of companies believe parts of the customer-service function are ripe for technological disruption However,…
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  • Report predicts that a vote to leave the EU would cause political and economic convulsions. UK economy would contract by 1% in 2017. Growth would…
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  • Though he remains a divisive politician, his relatively strong popularity will mean that the transition to a new government will be uncontested Although economic growth…
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‘Communication failure’:Chief Economist @baptist_simon reviews #Brexit and power of experts https://t.co/0sC0cQww5c https://t.co/rrV2ERk6j5

Download the 2016 Migration Governance Index, benchmarking countries on migration policy: https://t.co/iShZfvKsxQ https://t.co/YRb63FFabl

RT @AlexWhite1812: Struggling to think of many failed leadership campaigns that have done so much damage to a country in so little time htt…

RT @TheEIU_Europe: EU offset Russia food ban in 2014/15 by expanding other markets - but some countries saw big falls in food exports https…
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